Thursday, July 16, 2009

Another day

Today is the first day Amiee told us (via text) she feels TERRIBLE. One thing we continually give thanks for is her strength and silence. She has never complained. It's been amazing how she looks to us and trusts us and believes us.

How do we face her now? People we trust keep telling us all we can do is love her. Her dad is determined to keep her world as normal as possible. Her oncologist talked to her yesterday and told her if anything more dramatic happens that she should let go. She hadn't been the same since but she can't speak. She was up all night vomiting and sleeping when we got there today so we sat with her for awhile.

We left and went to the beach that we love and have spent countless joyful days at. It was painful. Just sitting up is too exhausting. We spend alot of time alone in our room. I am so puzzled some days when our pain seems too much to bear that she has suffered unimaginable pain. Even her doctors have been baffled about her illness.

All we can do is try to gain our strength from her and wake up to fight another day.


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