Friday, December 18, 2009

In celebration of Amiee's Life

From our family to yours, we wish you joyful moments and lasting memories! After a fearless three year battle with angiosarcoma, our beautiful daughter lost her fight with cancer just after Thanksgiving this year, 2009. Through the time that we spent together these years,as difficult and painful as every day, and every hour was for her, and for her family, she taught us to stay strong and positive and to laugh at whatever you can when life gives you the worst of what you can imagine.

For our young adult cancer fighters, their caregivers and loved ones this holiday season, we want to share our love and strength with you ! Cancer sucks and not knowing is worse. The time we share with the people we love is what transcends time!

*Create on-line or actual memory albums
*Inappropriate laughter can be cathartic!
*Book and video services are available for life long memories. Contact us for details at
*Remember to put yourselves first this holiday season, and every day as you push through this difficult time. Have patience, turn your phone off, sleep, take walks and scream when you need to.
*If you know of a family supporting a loved one through their cancer fight:
* Call them to say 'hi' and let them know what you're up to. The diversion will be appreciated!
* Ask how you can help
* Drop off food, dessert, drinks or healthy snacks the family can grab on the go
* Offer to watch other children
* Participate in local fundraising efforts, if possilbe. Contact us for details on how to start a fund-raiser in your area.
* Send brief inspirational, funny or supportive emails and text messages
* Humor helps!
* Be yourselves and be there. Oftentimes caregivers are cut off from family and friends because of their intensive care-giving responsibilities or out of fear of 'depressing' others. Patience, supportive words and understanding are priceless!

Feel free to contact Amiee's Place at for advice, advocacy suggestions or if you are a young adult cancer fighter or caregiver needing financial assistance. We are here for you!

Our thoughts and love to you during this holiday season and beyond!

Amiee's Place


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