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This is a new case that we have accepted. Below is an excerpt from the family friend. We need you help today! 

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 A friend of ours has a son who is 20 and has recently been diagnosed with osteosarcoma.  He has been moved between two hospitals locally (in Hastings) and London, and is soon to be moved to London again.  His mother has two other young children of 4 and 6 to look after and is a single parent.  She is finding it difficult financially as the cost of travel to hospitals out of the area is considerable and she has recently had to stay in a hotel in London to be near her son.  As he is not on a children's ward there is no provision for overnight accommodation for parents of his age group.   She is trying to apply for benefits for him, but the forms are considerable and this is taking some time to organise and as she has a son in hospital and other children to look after it is hard to find the time to get all the forms filled in that need to be done.  In addition, it is difficult finding someone to tell her what exactly she is entitled to apply for.

He will soon go to a specialist orthopaedic hospital in Stanmore, Middlesex where there are 7 rooms which can be paid for within the hospital at a cost of £25 per night. If she is unable to secure one of these the hospital provides a list of B&B's locally but these are obviously more expensive than those rooms within the hospital.

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How to really be happy in 2010

By Cindi Dixon
Amiee's Place Foundation
January 11, 2010

Happy New Year!  We all say it.  We all want it.  But can we make it so?  There is no disputing times have been tough all over.  Never before has the turning of a calendar page been so symbolic to new beginnings.  The poor economy, foreclosures, war, job loss, health care issues, and so on.  Everywhere we turn the news these days is so grim, eventually even the most optimistic glass-is-half-full among us needs a dose of sunshine.  But what, if anything, can we do to harness our own destiny in the midst of turmoil?

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Bra Color Status on Facebook Raises Curiosity, Not Money in Viral Internet Craze - ABC News

"Black My Regular," was Anna Davison Smith's post yesterday on Facebook.
"Handbags, no?" commented her brother-in-law Ian Davison. "Put me out of my misery."Olive White was at first baffled by all the colors being cited on Facebook by her women friends. "But I've got it now, good job."A lot of Facebook users didn't get it. In the last 24 hours, women have randomly been posting the color of their bras on their status updates, bewildering their friends and titillating the men in their lives -- all to raise awareness for breast cancer research.At noon today, "color status on Facebook" was number 11 on Google Trends and was making fast gains on Twitter.

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